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Diving in Bali, Lombok and North Sulawesi in Indonesia has become some of the the most sought after dive locations on the planet. The tropical climate and black sand beach's attract thousands of return visitors every year. Bali has a lifetime of Suba Diving, around its coastline and a vast range of divesites.
Bali has long been known for its beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere. The Island is a regular stopping-off point for the backpacking community. Now, more and more, holidaymakers are arriving for the fantastic diving that Bali has in abundance. Tulamben Bay is the most popular but it is not hard to see why. Explore a little and chat to the friendly locals about where to dive. You really are spoiled for choice with so many locations available.
Lombok is much more tranquil and quieter than Bali but still has the same tropical climate and beautiful beaches. Rock climbing, diving and trekking are the main activities but this doesn’t mean you can’t just relax next to your hotel pool. There are a number of beach huts and resorts to choose from and most are geared towards the diving community. It is possible to get some excellent deals when you stay with the right people so shop around.

North Sulawesi is one of the best kept secrets in Indonesia. Diving is consistently excellent with over 60 different dive sites. Bunaken National Park has been painstakingly preserved and maintained and attracts thousands of visitors every year. There are underwater volcanoes to explore and many wrecks that were sunk during World War II. The Lembeh Strait is another big attraction for underwater photographers. Countless rare species are regularly seen along the pristine Coral Gardens.


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